Mission, vision and values

Our MISSION is the production of circular green aluminum, a recycled metal of the highest performance, from recycling aluminum scrap. We are always attending to the standards and demands of our clients, seeking the operational excellence of our employees and with the maximum social and environmental commitment to the communities in which we operate. All of this, making our experience in the aluminum and recycling sectors add value to the chain through a sustainable growth.

Our VISION is to turn both of our centers into a circular green aluminum production pole in Southern Europe, in order to be a global reference in eco-industrial projects. Offering the highest quality to our clients, and with the highest social and environmental commitment, we are based on the principles of circular economy to implement an innovative and sustainable model to lead us to become a strategic industrial hub not only for Galicia and Asturias, but also for Spain and the European Union.

The VALUES that identify both Grupo Riesgo and Alu Ibérica are their clear commitment to sustainable growth and development in the production of circular green aluminum, allowing the company to offer a quality product, differentiable and socially responsible.