The transformation towards a sustainable model

  • TRANSFORMATION from a production model of primary aluminum and great environmental impact, towards a new business model with new and upgraded strategic areas:
    • Circular green aluminum
    • Recycling
    • Green energy
    • Logistics
    • New aluminum products
  • TECHNOLOGY: To lead the production of circular green aluminum, cutting-edge technologies regarding quality will be used, meeting the needs of both national and international markets.
  • QUALITY: Developing an outstanding, cutting-edge and differentiable product with the highest performance.
  • COMMITMENT: With renewable energy sources that add value to the production chain, with the communities in which we operate and with the highest standards of sustainability and employability.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Minimizing CO2 emissions and reducing the carbon footprint in the production chain, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • REFERENT: To turn Alu Ibérica plants into the benchmark of the industrial models in the transformation to produce circular green aluminum.
  • VALUE: To increase the value chain in the production of green aluminum, applying the economic and environmental benefits of the circular economy.
  • GUARANTEE: To establish new strategic business alliances and strengthen existing ones, with suppliers and clients and with a clear international vocation.

We will apply state of the art technologies to lead the production of circular green aluminum