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Why is Europe increasing the demand of circular green aluminum?

At an administrative level, the European Union encourages the production and use of recycled materials, due to both environmental and economic advantages. The EU aspires to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Within this framework, ‘European Aluminum’ launched the Circular Aluminum Action Plan to promote the implementation of the circular economy, maximizing the benefits for the sector. Among its most ambitious goals, reducing CO2 emissions by 46% by mid-century: in total, 39 million tons less per year.

The emergence of China as a producer reconfigured the global aluminum market. Nowadays, Europe depends on third parties, since it imports 50% of the aluminum it consumes. For this reason, community administrations and sectorial organizations promote recycling, to guarantee autonomy and promote self-sufficiency.

China’s market dominance results in lower European competitiveness: energy costs make it unprofitable to produce primary aluminum in Europe.

Added to the tangible benefits is greater social awareness. The private sector, i.e. our clients, also increasingly asks for the most demanding standards in terms of sustainability.

These measures will lead to recycled aluminum covering half of the aluminum demand in the European Union by 2050.